Hello there!


If you find yourself here, it is surely because you want to know a bit about who is behind the illustrations that you just saw. Thus, here is a short biography of my creative path.


It started early when I was still very young with my Heman, Ghostbuster and Ninja turtles actions figures. Many epic stories happened to them together with some other characters from my imagination that was drawn on paper.  When it come to an age that playing with action figures wasn’t cool anymore for my classmates, I had to find a way to express my need of creativity that I developed during my childhood. With my passion in drawing, I decided to draw comic books. At the same time, I met a powerful ally and inspiration, called Heavy Metal. For many, it’s a scary raging monster, but for me it was a tamed loyal beast who will always follow my path.


My first comic book was with Mega Man, a video game icons from 80’s till 90’s. When I grow up and started to be a man, my comic books started to have too much mature content for Mega Man world. Therefore I developed my own world with my own characters. As time goes by, Blackrose Saga became my lifetime project which I presented for the first time as a self published album. It had a huge success in comic books festivals. But at that time, it wasn’t mature enough for publishers, that’s why I decided to work more on my drawings and script.


Right after I got my college degree, I started a new project that was supposed to be temporary. I called that project Headbangers, Babes & Blood, a series of artistic interpretations of Icons from Heavy Metal world. I never thought that this project would go so far that it will allow me to have my own art exhibitions, meet hundreds of people, and travel to a lot of places.


Now it’s a permanent project along BlackroseSaga. Stay tuned, as more is about to come for both projects.



Frequently asked question:


– When will the first Blackrose Saga album come out?


First album is almost finished. Expecting to release on 2018.


– Do you do artwork for band or festival?


Depend on the timing I guess and if the project interest me. Just ask 🙂   : micho@nickmicho.com


– Which band will you do next for Headbangers, Babes &Blood ?


It’s for you to find out